Tears dance down my cheeks

To the rhythm of my cries

‘Oh! I’m fine’,

I’d say

But just look into those burning eyes

To know it’s just one of mine,

to all of

your lies.


Without a little rain



What could have the sky been,

without a little rain..

How would have a smile looked,

Which didn’t hide behind some pain..

What is a loss, my dear,

Which ain’t a disguised gain…



Time to let go


When all that you once cared for,

Does not matter any more.

And you feel burnt out,

From flesh to core.

When all that once held you,

Now tears you apart.

It’s time to let go,

And make a new start.

Demon and good


Little good resides,even in the demon,

A little demon, in every good.

It’s dark, in the depths of every core,

Hides a dim Sun, under every hood.



Life goes on….

But just until a dusk

Which meets no dawn.

You’d know it was short

But not until it’s gone….

i knew


No one cares,

Even when i knew,

I dont know why,

I wanted you to.

When you said you love me,

I knew you were lying,

But to trust your words,

My heart was dying.



We kill, We fight

To us,

Nothing is wrong, all be right,

In the name of love, we kill,

For peace, we fight,

Even if time stood still,

Now, there’s nothing stopping it,

This world of hatred,

That we’ve created.

Every hand’s red,

Under this cover of white,

Which shadows all,

Our ugly truths that we hide.



You hadn’t been taught to look back

I hadn’t yet learnt to look away

While you walked off, I gazed

You didn’t even turn to see me stay


In The End

It shall all end,

Not much later,than soon,

Nothing lasts, no star, no lune.

So in the end,

You’ll know nothing mattered,

And you’d be forgotten,

Like a glass long shattered.


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