grayscale photography of man and woman

Hope is a bluff

The smile, just a mask

Love is an act

And life, just an illusion

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lowm angle photography of high rise concrete building

Million millions of points make this earth

Our earth but itself a point,

Your struggles might seem like the end of the world.

Let be this end, oh lord let him see,

the one with no sight.

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Demon and good


Little good resides,even in the demon,

A little demon, in every good.

It’s dark, in the depths of every core,

Hides a dim Sun, under every hood.

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Life goes on….

But just until a dusk

Which meets no dawn.

You’d know it was short

But not until it’s gone….

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photo of woman walk through pathway

You hadn’t been taught to look back,

I haven’t yet learnt to look away.

While you walked, off I gazed.

You didn’t even turn, to see me stay.

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The prostitute


She stripped before him,

Staring at the floor,

He quickly moved in,

And locked behind the door.

As now, he unbuttoned his shirt,

She smiled at him and began to flirt.

But all it took, was a quick skim,

for him to read the pain,

She hid behind her grin.

With the shirt, he’d now taken off,

He covered her up,

And asked her to doze off.

“But Sir, you paid”, began the prostitute,

“Dear, I paid, tonight,

For a man’s lust,

To not kill your pride.

For you to sleep with dignity,

Even if it’s for just,

Just for one night.”

One should never forget an industry blooms only and only if it has a market to cater to, so even if you choose to judge her for her profession, it’s not just her who’s to be judged. Either she has been forced into prostitution or her situations have landed her in this dark den, the way out of which only few have seen.

Either way, (or even if is a wilful choice) it’s her life, she gets to choose the path and about it, she is not answerable to anyone, as to why or how.


fashion photography of woman hands on chin with glitter makeup

To the cosmos hovering

Over my nose

Guide the me all shattered from

Head to toes

What you got in plans for me

Where’d it take me, my destiny

As I gaze up in awe

To see what I never saw

Its all what you make

All of what, they call, is fate

Too cliché

Life is too short to care…?

portrait of a young woman in forest

Life which seemed too short to care

Starts to seem longer

when there is no one to care.





Sometimes,  until tomorrow

is longer than the forever

of today.

You only Die once


Life seems so short,

But its the longest you’ve got

They’d say, “You only live once”

That night you’d reach home drunk

But oh, feel lucky if you do,

Because, while what they say is true

Truer is, You only die once too.



Tears dance down my cheeks

To the rhythm of my cries

‘Oh! I’m fine’,

I’d say

But just look into these hurting eyes

To know it’s just one of mine,

to all of

your lies.

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