Life goes on….

But just until a dusk

Which meets no dawn.

You’d know it was short

But not until it’s gone….



i knew


No one cares,

Even when i knew,

I dont know why,

I wanted you to.

When you said you love me,

I knew you were lying,

But to trust your words,

My heart was dying.




Yo!!Sooo,This is my first and my only blog,lol and my first ever post and I’m excited and I’m kind of nervous anddd so here it goes….
I love writing stuff, mostly poerty but idk i just find it awkward to have your deepest of thoughts laid in ink in front of someone. So like yaaa this part of me has never really been explored by none.Mostly of what i write,is not about my story but just thoughts and various emotions i feel for situations and people out in words. Tbh I’m really an amateur and write just to let off the load of what all’s flooding in there. So yaaa, welcome to the insides:)