Demon and good


Little good resides,even in the demon,

A little demon, in every good.

It’s dark, in the depths of every core,

Hides a dim Sun, under every hood.

39 thoughts on “Demon and good

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  1. Wow. So beautifully expressed. πŸ‘

    I am new to blogging. I wanted to begin with something different so started to concentrate on our 5 senses in a relative way. Relate it to our lives. Would be glad if you could drop by my blog. Just published my 5th post.

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  2. It’s a beautiful poem and I was thrilled with the words that you framed so well. But somehow I am not just agreeing to that good can have evil a bit and vice versa… Because GOOD can be only GOOD and EVIL can be only EVIL otherwise Good with little evil can’t be good and evil with little good can’t make it good.

    Don’t take it otherwise, this is just what I understand.

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    1. Name a thing truly pure, can you? Nothing in the real world is ideal, not even in nature and I’m just talking about us, humans. Talk about yourself, can you classify yourself as a good person or a bad one? If you ask me, of course I’d say I’m a good person but deep down if I ask myself that am I actually that idol of purity and goodness, hell no. No one is. On the other end too, no one was born a liar, a thief, a murderer. And it’s mostly situations or instincts that guide us.Maybe the thief stole the bread after all just to feed his I’ll daughter. We maybe doing the best deed ever a moment and the worst the next. After all, the angel resides in the corrupt human and the demon amids a little humanity.

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      1. You are right here and I am right what I said as well. Because I was talking about absolute Good and absolute evil. And you are talking about human.

        Angels, those who are fallen are evil and those who are still in the heavenly realm are pure as the heaven is.


  3. Writings related to our hidden Demons, for some reason, always fascinate me. And this short one, as much as it fascinated me, it reminded me how nothing is ever black or white; humans are always a shade of grey – some darker, some lighter.
    Liked it. πŸ™‚

    By the way, I couldn’t find your ‘About’ page. Is it just me? Or have you not created one?

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    1. Thankyou, what you said couldn’t be truer. I’m glad you liked it though. The inners demons indeed are if nothing but fascinating, residing within each one of us, some powerful, some weaker. And yes, I do not have an about page. Just began my blog about two months ago, it’s still pretty raw. I’ll work on it though.


      1. I understand. Even I started being on the same page. But, as far as I remember, after my first post, my ‘About’ page was the first thing I worked on. I can speak only for myself here, the very first page I look around in any new blog is ‘About’. As that tells me about the blog, and bit about the blogger too. So, I think it is best to not leave ‘About’ for the last. But, again, that is just my opinion.

        Good luck with blogging!☺️


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