We kill, We fight

To us,

Nothing is wrong, all be right,

In the name of love, we kill,

For peace, we fight,

Even if time stood still,

Now, there’s nothing stopping it,

This world of hatred,

That we’ve created.

Every hand’s red,

Under this cover of white,

Which shadows all,

Our ugly truths that we hide.




photo of woman walk through pathway

You hadn’t been taught to look back

I hadn’t yet learnt to look away

While you walked off, I gazed

You didn’t even turn to see me stay


In The End

selective focus photo of yellow cosmos flower

It shall all end,

Not much later,than soon,

Nothing lasts, no star, no lune.

So in the end,

You’ll know nothing mattered,

And you’d be forgotten,

Like a glass long shattered.




Ages since the sun has set,

Ages since a bird ever flew,

Waiting for my long night to end,

I learnt the patterns that stars drew.



Yo!!So,This is my first and my only blog, lol and my first ever post and I’m excited and I’m kind of nervous and so here it goes….
I love writing stuff, mostly poerty but idk i just find it awkward to have your deepest of thoughts laid in ink in front of someone. So like yaaa this part of me has never really been explored by none.Mostly of what i write,is not about my story but just thoughts and various emotions i feel for situations ¬†and people ¬†around me, out in words. Tbh I’m really an amateur and write just to let off the load of what all’s flooding my bed side drawers. So yaaa, welcome to the insides:)

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